Discovery Plus VPN app

Discovery Plus not working with a VPN anymore? Boo-hoo! The streaming service has probably found a way to trace your device and IP address. This is possible because the company has strict licensing and copyright agreements. So, if you’re not yet ready to let go of your daily dose of factual programming, simply follow these methods.

Discovery Plus is becoming more famous in Asia because of its massive library of non-fiction shows. Viewers in the Asia region are fond of documentaries, lifestyle shows, and newscasts. Because of this, Discovery Plus made their service available to some Asian countries.

However, there are still countries that have been left out, and viewers had no choice but to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to continue watching their favorite shows. Why? Simply because, a VPN is a software tool that aids online users in concealing their IP address and spoofing their location via its servers. With this, users will be able to bypass geo-restrictions, such as what is implemented by Discovery Plus.

Unfortunately, even though one’s VPN is effective in circumventing these geo-blockings, sometimes, it just doesn’t work anymore.

So, what else can you do? Fret not because we have the simplest methods that you can adhere to.

3 methods for a smooth and seamless binge-watch session

  1. Clear all cookies

There’s a chance that Discovery Plus has gained access to your cookies which contain your online data such as your search history and location. Because of this, it won’t matter if you’re using a VPN because the streaming service already has an idea about your browsing activities.

To fix this, ‘force stop’ the Discovery Plus app first, then go to your app and internet settings and delete all of your saved cookies.

  1. Change your VPN server location

If the first method didn’t work for you, maybe the issue lies within your VPN tool. One possibility would be that Discovery Plus has identified the curated IP address that your VPN gave you and blocked it.

So, if your VPN has more server locations to offer, you may want to connect to a US server. This way, if Discovery Plus discovers your newly-curated IP address again, the streaming service won’t block your device as Discovery Plus is available in the United States.

  1. Use a better VPN app

If still, Discovery Plus is not working with your VPN, you need to upgrade. Truth be told, a good VPN should be able to hide your online information and activities without any reservations. If this kind of geo-restriction often happens to you with websites or apps like Discovery Plus, you should consider researching for a more suitable VPN app.

Our recommendation: GoingVPN

Discovery Plus not working? Try the GoingVPN app

GoingVPN has a tight encryption process that helps users stay anonymous online. With this, Discovery Plus wouldn’t be able to track and block your IP address and device.

This free VPN app also offers unlimited data bandwidth so that you can stay protected online, at any given time. Also, because of its non-expiring data, you may even leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ for as long as you like, more so when you’re binge-watching a program on Discovery Plus.

Also, worrying about speed issues will be at the least of your worries as GoingVPN provides a max-speed technology to counter the negative effects of the VPN encryption process. This way, you won’t experience lags and buffers, anytime and anywhere.

With GoingVPN, you can access and watch a variety of shows on Discovery Plus without all of the unnecessary interruptions. Plus, you can experience premium and high-quality VPN service without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Download GoingVPN on Google Play Store or App Store and see it for yourself.

For more information about this VPN app, you may visit their website.